Regis Speaks!

A master craftsman of creativity and enlightenment

Regis is available for speaking/seminar engagements. Each session can be molded to fit your audience. Some topics and sample outlines include the following. Please contact Regis for more information.

Seminar Suggestions and Topics:

Sample One

“The Creative Process: an Artist’s Point of View”

(50 to 60 Minutes)

Some points covered:

– The sources and the heroes that inspire and inform the work.
– The evolution and development of the work.
– Process effecting product- change the process and you change the product.
– The challenge of working large scale.
– Using glazes and the firing as part of the creative process– trial by fire.
– A way of working and a way of seeing. Is it mold or penicillin?
– The content and the personal expression in the work- finding your way.

 Sample Two

“An Artist’s Journey: Finding One’s Way”

A lecture of process and discovery (50 to 60 Minutes)

Is it mold or is it penicillin? Seeing the potential is the genius.

Sample Three

“Efficient & Creative Kiln-Firing Practices”  

I. The lecture will present ten Important concepts that, once understood, will make it possible for you to fire any gas kiln & achieve fuel efficiency, desirable effects, enhanced glaze quality, reduced mortality, & predictable results. The purpose of this lecture is to give you information (& hopefully understanding) about ten important concepts that will make it possible for you to have successful firings.

(45-60 Minutes)


Sample Four

 “Intensive Throwing Workshop”

One to five-days depending on time available.

How to dramatically improve your throwing, trimming, & decorating skills,
as well as expanding & developing the artistic quality & uniqueness in the work.

The structure of the course will be based on demonstrations, critiques, & one on one tutoring. 45 years of experience will be distilled into a working methodology, once learned, will serve you now & in years to come.

A greater understanding of the aesthetic & technical possibilities in the making & finishing of pottery will be our goal. Bring your enthusiasm & diligence & you will be rewarded with a new & expanded way of seeing & working. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Sample Five

One Day In-Service Teacher Workshop

Professional development opportunity for art teachers.This workshop can accommodate 30 to 40 teachers depending on space available.

Morning Session: “Teachers As Artists: Finding a Way”.

Afternoon Session “Making A Japanese Tea Bowl:  Zen & The Beauty of Imperfection”