Recent Testimonials
“We can’t begin to tell you how fabulous and “right on track” your message/presentation was yesterday at Harpeth Hall.  You presented in sequence and with clarity, the important steps in developing works of art along with trial and error within those learning experiences.  Unfortunately our students still tend to be in a “holding pattern” of thinking their first and maybe second ideas are the best.   I hope that the seniors in A.P. will grasp the idea of finding wonderful visual connections in their lives and set out to expand and experiment with those possibilities.”
Ann Blackburn
Chair Fine Arts Department, The Harpeth Hall School, Nashville, TN  

“I have had quite a bit of feedback from the workshop and the teachers were more than pleased with the day in acquiring knowledge and inspiration.  As artists, we need to have our souls and passion revived at times and this was a perfect fix for these wonderful teachers.”
Carol R. Crittenden
Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools

“Thank you so much for your info and image packed presentations and for the hands-on firing experiences.
I appreciated the pace and energy with which you engaged both sets of audiences, and I heard many rave reviews from the participants.”
Nancy Selvage,
Director, Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard, Boston, MA

“Your visit to our classes was truly fantastic!  I love your work and the way that you work and how you present your work!  Very impressive, all of your work, and you are so personable. I am so glad to have had you as a guest artist.”
Susan Demay
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Dear Regis,
“You were an extraordinary phenomenon.  As an artist, as a teacher, and as a most generous human being.
We were all inspired. And are actively thinking, researching ideas, and doing.  It was the most FANTASTIC workshop.”
Audrie Sturman,
Artist & Educator, Albany, NY